Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New options for rustic cabinet hardware

It's nice to see an expanded selection of rustic-styled knobs and pulls by Top Knob.

Any of these have that heavy earthy quality that looks at home in the Pacific Northwest:

From Top Knobs,  Finishes shown: Cast Iron and Natural Rust

Top Knobs has updated their website, but I was disappointed to find it kind of clunky to navigate. Their products can be pricey, but they make solid, rather than hollow pieces.

You can request up to 3 free samples, for a $5 shipping charge per sample. That's a very good idea since finish colors vary greatly from one decorative hardware manufacturer to another. Be aware that color batches can even vary slightly from the same company.

Your decorative hardware can be an small investment; do make sure the finish works with your cabinetry and other materials.


  1. Not only are these rustic, they look a little retro. A no-fail combo.

  2. I always admire rustic furniture. They're unique and pretty. Never grows old.

    J. Harp
    writer @ Interior Design Pro

  3. Excellent information and facts. Only real difficulty I was basically receiving was viewing the pics. No idea exactly why.

    Interior Design Seattle


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