Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ode to Color Joy

It snowed here on Easter. Egg hunts were moved indoors at the last minute. Yesterday was a sunny 60 degree mood-lifter. Today the ground and sky are a matching shade of white. Another perfect April day in Central Oregon—for scanning old family photos and writing blog posts!

Woodburn tulips-mtn

A hop, skip and a jump over the Cascades, the Woodburn Tulip Festival is blazing. If you’re craving a color fix as I am, put on your mud shoes and load the kids in the car. Until April 30, the festival offers wine tastings and wooden shoe makers, art classes and antique steam tractors. Kids will happily slosh through the mud for cow train rides, ducky races, hay pile, pony rides, horse swings and exotic rescue birds.

If you find yourself on I-5 between Portland and Salem, this is a quick and happy diversion just a few miles to the east. Check the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm website for a list of upcoming activities and live entertainment.



woodburn tulips


  1. Oh how beautiful! I had no idea that Woodburn was known for tulips! When we lived in Oregon, we used to take a trip now and then to Woodburn for Mexican food. There was a place there called Mexico Lindo that had the best carnitas in the state (as far as my husband was concerned). I wonder if that taqueria is still there.

  2. Pam, I searched it and found this review from Jan 2009:

    "Great tamales, and really friendly owner. He's always very friendly and kind, and likes to chat. The tamales are fantastic - the mesa is sweet and hearty, and the pork is flavorful."

    Looks like it's on North 1st Street. I'll keep an eye out! Thanks for the tip!


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